Peacock Food

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Peacocks are beautiful birds that many people have as pets. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, which makes them very popular among those who love animals. However, peacocks can be difficult to feed sometimes. There are many different foods for peacocks, but not all of them are healthy. In this article, we will discuss what peacocks eat and the importance of being careful about what you feed your pet peacock!

What do peacocks eat?

Peacocks eat a variety of different things. They will typically go for fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds as their main diet. However, they also enjoy eating insects such as crickets and mealworms in addition to berries in the wild or your garden!

Why you should be careful of what you feed your peacock

It can be very easy to overfeed or underfeed your bird; however either way could cause problems in its health if not chosen correctly. You always want to make sure there is fresh food available at all times! If possible, try finding pre-made mixes from manufacturers so you don’t have as much work making them on your own (and sometimes with questionable ingredients).

What is the best food for your peacock?

The best food for your peacock is a mix of fresh fruit, vegetables, and healthy grains. Peacocks need to have their natural diet supplemented with protein-rich foods like small amounts of lean meat (chicken or turkey), eggs, cheese, peanut butter, and beans.

What you shouldn’t feed your peacock

You do not want to give them any milk products because it messes up the calcium balance in their bones which can cause some serious problems later on! You also don’t want to feed them anything containing chocolate since this could be toxic for birds as well and lead to death if consumed too many times.

If they are given an assortment of fruits each day then water will suffice; however, if there is no prepared company and they are left to their own devices, then a water bottle with fresh clean water needs to be provided.

Is it safe to feed peacocks bread?

Yes, but not too much of it. If you feed them bread then they should also be given other food sources as well such as fruits and vegetables.

Peacocks are omnivorous creatures which means that they eat both meat and plants; however, these animals need to have a lot more protein in their diet than what is provided by fruit alone!

Offering them some animal-based foods such as cooked chicken or fish will ensure that your peacock isn’t suffering from malnutrition caused by an inadequate diet.