Dog Grooming

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What is dog grooming?

Grooming your dog is an important part of dog ownership. Whether you’re a dog owner or not, you’ve probably seen dogs with matted fur and wondered what in the world their owners were thinking. Grooming can be a tricky process to learn if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s worth the effort. This post will answer all your questions about dog grooming: why it’s necessary, how much time it takes, etc.
Dog grooming is the process of cleaning and trimming dog fur to keep it looking healthy. Dog grooming includes brushing a dog’s teeth, as well as bathing them, and trimming their fur. There are many different types of dog grooming, including do-it-yourself dog groomers at home or professionals who can come to your house. Grooming kits usually include everything you need for basic maintenance like nail clipping, ear cleaning, and more. It’s important to know which type of dog groomer will work best with the size and temperament of your pet!

Why you should care about my dog’s grooming

Grooming your dog will help you keep their coat clean and make sure there isn’t any excess hair that could lead to matting. It also helps promote mobility by making sure your dog can move around easily without getting caught on things like brambles or overgrown grasses. Grooming is important whether you’re going for walks in the woods or just hanging out in your backyard with friends!

What dog grooming involves

Our dog grooming service includes brushing, trimming hair to make it easier to brush out tangles as well as shampooing and conditioning the dog’s coat. If your dog is prone to matting we offer special brushing techniques – otherwise, they will just shave off any mats that can’t be broken up.

Can I groom my dog myself?

Some people find dog grooming enjoyable but there are some drawbacks such as dealing with messes (especially if your dog has accidents in the house) or getting injured by accident while bathing them! It really depends on how much time you have available for taking care of an additional pet project like dog grooming so it’s best not to try anything until you know what your schedule looks like.

There are two basic steps: cleansing and cutting/trimming.

The dog should be bathed in a dog shampoo that is specifically formulated for the dog’s breed, skin, and coat type to remove dirt and oils while adding luster back into their fur after it dries. They will need some conditioning afterward so using a conditioner designed specifically for dogs is recommended – this aids with dry or damaged coats but also helps prevent tangles from forming when they’re being brushed out later on!

After cleansing, you’ll want to use a comb (either metal or plastic) to detangle any mats before cutting them off if your dog doesn’t have enough hair left over for trimming purposes. A clipper can then be used for finishing touches like tidying up around the eyes, ears, and paws.

Is it better to let professionals groom my dog?

It’s a personal choice as dog grooming can be quite time-consuming and expensive.

Some owners prefer to take their dog in every now and then for an all-over groom while others may seek our professional advice more often with specific needs like if they have a dog that sheds or is prone to skin irritations.

To save money, it might work out best to let the professionals do the bulk of dog grooming at certain points but doing some aspects themselves (like bath time) so both you and your dog enjoy being pampered!

How much does dog grooming cost?

The cost ranges from ₦14,000-₦61,000 depending on where you live for basic services such as conditioning, drying off after bathing, brushing through tangles, and tidying dog’s ears.

Brushing through tangles and tidying dog’s ears costs ₦14,000-₦25,000 while more complex services including conditioning, drying off after bathing and all the other basic grooming works cost between ₦61,000 to ₦100,000.

Conditioning for dog grooming is a form of deep moisturizing that soothes your dog’s skin by gently removing dirt from their coat with an organic pet cleanser before conditioning them with essential oils or natural conditioners like coconut oil.

These will leave your dog feeling refreshed and smelling good too! Conditioning can be done once every few months as needed or at least twice per year to maintain healthy skin and a natural sheen on your dog’s coat.