Pigeon Cage

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Pigeons are a fantastic pet, and cages for them come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. If you’re considering buying a pigeon cage for your feathered friend then take the time to read this article on what to consider before making your purchase. We will cover everything from the best size for pigeons to how much they should cost. Whether you want something cheap or expensive there is an option available that will suit any budget!

What is a good cage for a pigeon?

A good cage for a pigeon provides enough space to accommodate the size of your pet. A rule of thumb when choosing is you should provide an area equivalent to twice their wingspan, so if they are small then 30in x 60in would be sufficient but if they’re larger and have quite long wings then around 60in x 120in will give them ample living quarters. It’s also worth considering how much time you’ll want to spend cleaning out droppings from the bottom tray as it can become tiresome over prolonged periods. If you know what size of home these pigeons need before purchasing, this way makes it easier to buy matching accessories such as food bowls or sleeping platforms!

Is it advisable to keep a pigeon in a cage?

It is advisable to keep a pigeon in a cage if they need protection or are ill, as this will allow you to monitor their progress and provide them with the care they require. If however, you want your pet pigeon living outside then it is preferable to house them within large aviaries that have many different levels for exercise and climbing.

What is the price of a pigeon cage?

The price of a pigeon cage will depend on the size, type, and features that are included. The average-priced pigeon cages start from ₦20,000 to upwards of ₦200,000 depending on what you get.

What things should I consider when choosing a pigeon cage?

You want your new home for your pet pigeons to be large enough so they can move around easily without feeling cramped or restricted in space. It is also important to ensure it has good ventilation as well as protection against predators such as cats!

What color is best for pigeon cages?

Pigeon cages come in many different colors including pink, red and green but there’s nothing wrong with sticking with white because this neutral tone won’t clash with any decorating scheme!

It is advisable to avoid galvanized or zinc-plated metals because these are toxic and can be dangerous for your pet pigeons.

Materials to avoid when choosing a pigeon cage

Galvanized, zinc-plated metal; colorful plastics, use only plain white to meet the needs of most homeowners but there’s nothing wrong with getting creative and picking another color!

What is a good size pigeon cage?

You want your new home for your pet pigeons to be big enough to house their needs. A good size for a cage is around 16″x16″x26″. Bigger isn’t always better but you want to make sure there’s room for your pet pigeon and its nesting materials.