Cat Grooming

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You might not think that cat grooming is a necessity, but it actually has many benefits. Cats groom themselves by licking their fur and cleaning their face with their tongue, but they can’t get the dirt out from under their nails or between the pads of their paws. Grooming your cat will keep them cleaner and healthier in addition to making them more comfortable with being touched. This article examines cat grooming in depth-including how much cat grooming costs, what kind of tools are needed for cat grooming, and how often cats should be professionally groomed.

Do cats need grooming?

Yes, they do! Your cat needs to be groomed just like any other animal. Cats constantly lick and clean themselves, but this doesn’t work for their nails or between the pads of their paws.

Does cat grooming cost a lot?

Cat grooming costs ₦41,000-₦123,000 on average depending on where you go (a high-end cat salon may charge more than an independent owner-groomer).

Tools our experts use for cat grooming

Grooming your cat will require nail clippers, scissors, brush comb/beard trimming combs, and mat shears. You should also have some cat shampoo and conditioner available as well as towels to dry off your feline friend before they get back into bed with you.
The other needed tools include cat grooming cat mats, cat clippers, and a cat brush.

What is the proper way to groom a cat?

The cat should be brushed down in a gentle manner using the brush to remove any loose hair. The cat’s nails should then be clipped and their ears inspected before they are dried off with a towel.

Can you groom your cat at home?

Yes, if the cat is not too scared of water or loud noises it may be possible for them to get some grooming done while still at home. If they do not want to allow this, however, there are many professional options available that can help keep your furry friend looking great!

Is it OK to never bathe a cat?

Cats have an instinctual need and desire for cleanliness so as long as you’re brushing them regularly one bath per month will not be a problem.

How often should cats be professionally groomed?

Several veterinarians recommend that all cats receive some type of grooming, with many recommending two or more professional sessions per year. Experts recommend annual grooming for show-quality cats and semi-annual appointments for normal house cats. While most people don’t need long furry coats on their cats as they do on themselves, giving them an occasional brush will help keep down any shedding hair in addition to preventing matting from occurring. You’ll also notice that after being brushed, cat hair will seem to be a lot less all over the house.